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ENPC - Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course - British Columbia, Canada
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ENPC consists of:
Posted on 06 December, 2006
ENPC is especially valuable for RNs working in Emergency Departments. RNs on Pediatric units will also benefit from this course.
Please note: other categories of staff, such as nursing students, undergraduates, or paramedics may audit the course.

Please contact the Course Director if you wish to audit the course or if you have any questions.

About the Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course

          ENPC is a course designed to provide core-level pediatric knowledge and psychomotor skills needed to care for pediatric patients. The course presents a systematic assessment model, integrates the associated anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, and identifies appropriate interventions. Triage categorization and prevention strategies are included in the course content. ENPC is taught using a variety of formats, including lectures, and instructor demonstrations, videotaped lectures, and videotaped demonstrations, and includes skill stations that encourage participants to integrate their psychomotor abilities into a patient situation in a risk-free setting.

          ENA's Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course provides participants the opportunity to strengthen and develop their pediatric emergency nursing skills while expanding their personal growth by collaborating with nurses from a variety of practice settings. ENPC brings together participants from various emergency department settings as well as nurses working in other specialties of nursing.

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